Breeding & Feeding

Breeding and Feeding

• All Meatmasters run on a multi camp system and change camps every 4-5 months.
• All ewes are mated, lamb and rear their lambs, including all twins, without exception in the veldt under natural conditions.
• All lambs are also weaned just onto natural veldt.
• We encourage twinning with our selections but ewes must be able to rear their lambs in the big groups under these natural conditions.
• All rams also spend their entire life just on the open veld and come in for a 6 week finishing before our annual auction.
• There is no feeding on our animals but we do suplement with lick.
• It has to be stressed again that no feeding of any kind ever occurs on any of our breeding animals.
• Common sense must prevail in times of natural disaster such as extreme weather conditions or drought.

Our Meatmasters does have suitable lick available to them throughout the year. We prefer that our feeding and management systems put our sheep under a certain amount of stress as this enables only the best doers to prove themselves as worthy of remaining in the Swartmodder Meatmaster stud.