About Us

About Us

Our Family

We are Jaco and Susan Opperman with our two daughters, Herlyn and Linka. Jaco - born, bred and raised in Namibia on a farm. Susan - born, bred and raised in the Overberg, Cape town on a farm. Both have farming background and experience. Linka was only two weeks old when we packed our bags and moved to this awesome farm.

Our dedication and passion for farming and the sheep industry has led us to purchase the Farm Swartmodder in 2011 in the Hardap area. Leaving behind a corporate world for the smell of rain and song of birds! Here we started farming extensively with local breeds and were not satisfied with their performance. We wanted more...a lot more!

Our search for a new breed started in 2013 and has been a great quest to discover and search for sheep characteristics that mean easy care and more profit. The breed that we have settled with (Meatmasters) is tried and proven extensively in South Africa , proven productive on this farm and definitely yours! More meat, milk and parental instinct. You name it, they've got it!

With the help of the best in the business, we have surrounded ourselves with knowledge, wisdom and passion. We are always striving to rise our standards in breeding Meatmasters and Bengals and love these breeds.
With the grace of Jesus, the mentors and breeding stock He has supplied us with -

- we can proudly say:

"We are breeding some of the best in the business!"